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Sari Ribbon

Sari is a strip of unstitched fabric ranging from four to nine yards in length. It is generally worn by Indian women with a petticoat and a blouse or choli in more than 50 draping styles based on different regions. Colorful Sari Ribbon strips come in the same length as the sari length. Such ribbons are used as border embellishments in saris. Saris made of silk fabrics have their own charm and grace. Modern fashion designers are giving elegant touches to silk saris by attaching ribbons of great variety. Silk Sari Ribbon strips, such as Velvet Ribbons, Handwork Ribbons, Metallic Pleated Ribbons, Embroidery Ribbons, Chenille Metallic Ribbons, Jacquard Ribbons, Satin Ribbons, Gota Work Ribbons, and Gold Ribbons are greatly used as sari border embellishments.